News Update October 2017

​We are delighted to announce that our groundbreaking program has proved so successful with the women serving time at the California Institution for Women, we were asked to run two programs a month. These women, having murdered their partners are all victims of abuse. The first graduation class is on December 18th. Women who attend the program receive time off their sentences and we are also able to write letters of recommendation to the parole board. Working with these women has been a life changing experience.

Another piece of wonderful news came from Councilmember Bob Blumenfeld. He generously gave us a donation that resulted in our ability to implement our program in the Canoga Park district. 

"A superb must-read for anyone who has thought about or experienced the heartbreak of being involved in an affair". Radio Host of 'Dishing with Judith'

A journey of self-discovery that comes from learning who we truly are and what we value in our lives. The Affair is a book everyone should read”.
Rosalyn Khan, Ted X speaker and author

“The Affair is a terrific book. Highly recommended for those who’ve experienced betrayal and are now facing forgiveness and trust”.
Dr Patricia Futia, Specialist in Human Sexuality

I was honored to be invited to participate in the video for the women's March Los Angeles, January 21st 2017 

The Women's Voice Project help women unravel the complexities of abuse. Women participate in the dance of abuse in ways they don’t understand. Unless women understand the abusive cycle, she is doomed to repeat it.
We have created a 14 week program that changes behavior. It is a groundbreaking boot camp that challenges women to flex muscles that they never knew they had. How to heal from the inside out and how to avoid perpetuating or repeating the pattern of abuse. 
The Women's Voice Project encourages women to see themselves as the solution by challenging the notion of being a victim.

We are committed to reducing domestic abuse by:

  •  Spreading awareness that abuse is not confined to violence
  • Teach strategies that women need when living in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  • To ask women to examine their own participation in the dance of abuse – not to blame them but to empower them by reducing the idea of being a victim.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

To provide opportunities for students to learn emotional and social skills needed to build healthy relationships

Branden and James are our collaborating partners in the

#YOUBELONG movement.         

Domestic Violence Program at the California Institution for Women

about our ground breaking program

California Institution for Women


​"This book will save lives" Joanne Fedler, international best-selling author and women's activist

"When Loving Him Hurts is a beautiful and poignant reminder that everyone has options”. Nadia Bilchik CNN Editorial Producer