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Philippa Sklaar, President and founder of The Women's VoiceProject is a survivor of abuse, author, international speaker and advocate. She was born and raised in South Africa during Apartheid. Her father, the mayor of Johannesburg was the first mayor who broke Apartheid in the mayoral chamber and as a result she was introduced to fighting injustice from a very young age.

Philippa immigrated to the USA after she fled from a violently abusive marriage and resolved to learn a lesson and be more careful next time. In America she met a man who, on the surface, was everything that her second husband was not. Until she owned her own contribution to the dance of abuse she was destined to repeat the pattern. Her story exists as proof of this.

This experience led her to create The Women's Voice Project where she  encourages women to reduce the idea of being a victim. They are not the problem but they are the solution.

She co-wrote WHEN LOVING HIM HURTS– recovery from an abusive relationship and THE AFFAIR - recovery from illicit sex, lies and betrayal. Philippa was invited to co-write these books with her ex-therapist, Sue Hickey.  

She is also the author of HOT CUISINE and her clients included dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela and Elizabeth Taylor was her first client in LA. She appeared in the Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games and with Margaret Cho in Blind Dinner Party. 

Corrine Ho, President of Canoga Park Neighborhood Council, Commissioner on the Los Angeles Unified School District, Human Relations, Diversity and Equity for District and member of the League of Women Voters, Los Angeles. She is dedicated to allocating resources for empowerment, confidence and leadership to children, girls, women, and Seniors


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​Celeste Daigneault, director of the LA Eye Bank.responsible in the planning and execution of regionally based programs. Celeste is responsible for ongoing analysis and review of all technical operations, staff training and development, quality assurance, continuous process improvement, financial management and community partnership outreach marketing programs. 

"When you remain silent the shame is yours. When you speak out, the shame is his. Shout out as loud as you can" Philippa

Sue Hickey​ is a well-known and respected Johannesburg-based therapist who has been in private practice for over thirty years. She has worked with and achieved astounding results in hundreds of women’s lives who, desperately unhappy in their relationships due to varying degrees of abuse, sought help from her. Due to the overwhelming demand, Hickey started a support group for women in abusive relationships and worked with coauthor Philippa Sklaar as a patient and survivor of abuse. Sue invited Philippa to co-write WHEN LOVING HIM HURTS,  published 2015. Their second book, THE AFFAIR - recovery from illicit sex, lies and betrayal, was published 2016

" There is always a summer followed by a winter no matter how bleak the winter" Sue 

"The abuser will break you to keep you and then hate you for being broken".  Philippa


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