14 weeks domestic abuse awareness WORKSHOP and training

​Our goal is to implement our “Prevention is better than cure program” in schools and colleges. If young girls are taught the warning signals of abuse they will be far better equipped to recognize the abusive relationship. It is also imperative that young boys are taught the symptoms and characteristics of how abusers are bred and the damage they create. Recognizing abuse is not enough. Students require a blue print of what defines a healthy relationship.
Given the staggering statistics of how kids who grow up in abusive homes are affected the need for an effective prevention and early intervention program is critical.

​The program:

  • Educates women on the profile of the abused woman, the abuser and the abusive relationship
  • Informs women on codependency and how it’s bred in childhood
  • Develop skills and strategies to manage herself.
  • Identify beliefs that no longer serve them and adopt new ones that do.
  • How to heal through creativity

abuse awareness program for students

Our program has been accepted by the LAPD Newton Division and the California Institution for Women. At the request of the LAPD Newton we have had When Loving Him Hurts translated in Spanish.